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What We've Done
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Iowa CCI has always worked to hold decision-makers, including elected officials, accountable for their actions. Spurred by the legislature’s refusal to help family farmers and protect the environment in 1996, CCI members began to more closely track the influence of big money on Iowa's political system by monitoring campaign contributions. At our Annual Statewide Convention in July of 2002, CCI members made Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections a priority issue.

Below are some of the things we have done:

Petition Drive

  • January 2008: We delivered 4,000 petition signatures at our rally and lobby day, showing strong statewide support for VOICE.

  • October 2003 - Present: CCI members have gathered thousands of signatures from everyday Iowans who want a VOICE. Click here to add your name!

Working with Nationally Recognized Experts

  • December 2007: Co-hosted the Heartland Presidential Forum with the Center for Community Change, where real people addressed the candidates on critical issues including VOICE.

  • July 2007: Arizona Senator Meg Burton-Cahill led two workshops at CCI's annual convention this year. Thanks Arizona's 'Clean Elections' system, Burton-Cahill was able to win her first seat in the Arizona legislature in 2000 by narrowly defeating a powerful incumbent, who was slated to become Speaker of the House, without ever having to ask for a single traditional campaign contribution.

  • April 2007: CCI worked with Public Campaign, a leading campaign finance reform organization, to conduct a targeted VOICE campaign during the last month of the legislative session. Staff members helped CCI with media, phone banking, and strategy development.

  • November 2005 - September 2006: CCI contacted Dr. Arthur Sanders to conduct a two-phase study researching the influence of special-interest money in Iowa politics. Click here to read more.
  • April 2004: Doris "Granny D" Haddock and national clean elections expert Dennis Burke attended several speaking engagements promoting VOICE. Engagements that they promoted it at included: Ames High school, Iowa State University, Cafe Diem coffee shop forum in Ames, Central Campus High school in Des Moines, and with a Des Moines Steelworker's Union meeting. Granny D and Dennis Burke, along with VOICE staff, also spoke to State Senator Mary Lunbdy (R-Marion), Senator Tom Harkin's staff, and Senator Charles Grassley's staff about the VOICE campaign in Iowa.
  • November 2003: CCI hosted a public meeting with national campaign finance reform expert Dennis Burke. Dennis was the Executive Director of Arizona Common Cause and helped lead the fight to get the Clean Elections law was passed in Arizona. (VOICE is also known as Clean Elections in other states.)

  • July 2003: Dennis Burke led a workshop on VOICE at our Annual Statewide Convention.

  • July 2002: Doris “Granny D” Haddock was the keynote speaker at our Statewide Annual Convention. Granny D highlighted the need for VOICE and helped us kick off our campaign.

Building Grassroots Support

  • 2003 - Present: CCI has been holding public educational meetings throughout the state to build support for VOICE. For more information on how to hold a local meeting or house party to educate and activate grassroots people, click here.
  • 2003 - Present: CCI has worked with other groups to build a strong coalition to raise awareness and lobby for Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections. Click here for more information on our coalition groups.
  • January - February 2007: CCI members participated in five lobby days at the State Capitol during which over 200 members raised their VOICE for clean elections.

  • 2005-2006: CCI used Dr. Arthur Sander's study to educate and mobilize everyday Iowans from across the state on raising their VOICE.
  • October 2003: CCI was a featured guest on WHO talk radio to discuss Voter-Owned Elections.

  • July 2003: At the statewide annual convention, CCI members voted to make Voter-Owned Elections a priority issue in our 3-year strategic plan.

  • February 2003: CCI co-hosted a press conference with 7 other organizations at the state capitol to educate members of the state legislature on Voter-Owned Elections and to show legislators the growing public support for the law. Doris “Granny D” Haddock was a guest speaker at the event.

Gaining Support from Party Leaders

  • July 2008: State Representative Pam Jochum, who is the VOICE bill's lead sponsor and has proposed publicly financed elections yearly since 2000, hosted a workshop at CCI’s annual convention discussing how Iowans can win VOICE.

  • June 2008: CCI members met with Rep. Jo Oldson, Chair of the House Appropriations Committee where the bill has been stalled for the past two legislative sessions. Oldson committed to helping members set up a meeting with Rep. Kevin McCarthy and also will look at the bill more closely.

  • December 29, 2006: Former Iowa Congressman Berkley Bedell spoke at a VOICE Rally and Lobby Day at the State Capitol. He also met with key legislators and participated in interviews to 'voice' his support for Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections.
  • Fall 2006: Berkley Bedell signed on with Iowa CCI to support VOICE.
  • November 2003: Former Lt. Governor Art Neu (R) pledged his support for Voter-Owned Elections in a meeting with CCI

  • March 2003: CCI members met with the state central committee of the Iowa Democratic Party to educate them and encourage them to support the passage of a Voter-Owned Elections law

  • January 2003: CCI members met with the state central committee of the Republican Party of Iowa to educate them and encourage them to support the passage of a Voter-Owned Elections law.

  • January 2003 & October 2002: At CCI hosted meetings, Governor Tom Vilsack committed to support the public financing of candidates and work with CCI to pass legislation.
  • July 2002: CCI members met with representatives of the State Republican Central Committee and the Iowa Democratic Central Committee. CCI members encouraged the two parties to support a Voter-Owned Elections law similar to the Clean Elections laws that Maine and Arizona use.

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