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Why CCI Members want Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections
Reclaiming our neighborhoods • Reclaiming our farms • Reclaiming our democracy

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement (CCI) believes in the right of local citizens to play a part in the decision making processes that affect their lives. Through our work on multiple issues, members have found that more and more big money and special interests are exercising undue influence on our state's election process and legislative policies. That is why Iowa CCI members voted to make Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) a priority for the organization.

Members of Iowa CCI want VOICE:

  • To restore the principal of “one person, one vote” to elections.
  • To reduce the influence of special interest money and wealthy contributors on candidates, elections, and lawmaking.
  • To free candidates from the money chase so they can concentrate on issues and spend time with constituents.
  • To give qualified people an equal opportunity to run for office - returning our democracy to the hands of a citizen legislature.
  • To reduce the escalating cost of running for office.
  • To restore public confidence in our government and elections.
  • To restore meaning to voting and political activism.

“We need to get the influence of big money out of politics so that we can have policies that benefit the common good rather than a select few."
- Judy Lonning, CCI member

“There are [several] ways that I see everyday Iowans being left without a voice in the policies that affect them deeply, and it is time for change. I see VOICE as a crucial step in everyday people gaining access to their government.”
- Robin Ghormley, CCI member

“In other states with clean elections, more people are voting, more candidates are running, and the candidates are spending more time with voters talking about issues important to them. That’s why we are working to pass VOICE – it’s time for people to matter more, and money to matter less.”
- Diane Krell, CCI member
"Now is the time to pass a Voter-Owned Clean Elections law in Iowa. Iowans shouldn't have to wonder who our elected officials are going to listen to - their constituents or a big-money donor. We need a system to restore fairness and balance to elections and politics in Iowa."
- Charlie Day, CCI member

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