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Iowans Demand Legislators Put People First
Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement Rallies for “People First” Legislation Jan. 27

Tuesday, January 27, 2009, Des Moines, Iowa — As a kickoff to the start of the legislative session, hundreds of members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement marched to the Capitol and filled the building today to urge legislators and decision makers to put people first – “People before polluters. People before politics. People before profits.” CCI members urged legislators and top government officials to take action on ‘People First’ issues, including:

  • Protecting Iowans’ air, water and quality of life through local control of factory farms.
  • Protecting all Iowans regardless of immigration status.
  • Protecting homeowners and consumers – declare an economic emergency allowing a moratorium on foreclosures.
  • Give everyday Iowans a voice and reduce the influence of big money through Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE).

Iowans rallied at the Wallace Building and marched up to the Capitol where they called on lawmakers to put people before corporate interests. Iowans from all across the state – from rural Iowa to Des Moines to churches in Postville – came together to attend the event.

“We’re asking lawmakers for simple, low-cost solutions that benefit the common good,” said CCI member Keith Kuper from Ackley. “We know what will happen if the status quo prevails. Factory farms will continue to build in our communities, foreclosure rates will continue to rise, workers will continue to be stripped of their rights, and big money will continue to speak the loudest. We’re demanding bold action that everyday people be put first.”

Following the rally, members met with key legislators, Governor Culver’s office, the Department of Natural Resources and others to discuss their legislative agenda.

“[As everyday Iowans] you’re the people we’re supposed to protect…you’re the ones we’re responsible to,” said Senator Jack Hatch in a meeting with CCI members. “When you let a legislator know you’re with CCI, they’re not just looking into your eyes but the eyes of everyone standing behind you.”

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members will continue to be active throughout the legislative session, standing up for policies that benefit the common good and holding lawmakers accountable during as they determine which bills survive through the first funnel.


Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement is a group of everyday people who talk, act and get things done on issues that matter most. With thousands of members from all walks of life – urban and rural, black and white, immigrants and lifelong Iowans – CCI has been tackling tough issues and getting things done for more than 30 years.




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