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Iowans Urge Legislators to Represent People's Issues
Iowa CCI Members Want to Have a VOICE

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February 10, 2008, Des Moines, Iowa – More than a dozen members of Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement attended the annual legislative reception Saturday, Feb. 9, to tell their legislators that we need Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) – a system for elections where people matter more, and money matters less.

CCI members asked their legislators – Senator Pat Ward and Representatives Dan Clute, Libby Jacobs, Janet Peterson and Jo Oldson – what they are currently doing to pass this important piece of legislation that would take the influence of big money out of politics.

“In other states with clean elections, more people are voting, more candidates are running, and the candidates are spending more time with voters talking about issues important to them,” said CCI member Diane Krell from Des Moines. “That’s why we are working to pass VOICE this legislative session – it’s time for people to matter more, and money to matter less.”

The passing of the VOICE bill (House File 805 and Senate File 553) would change the way campaigns are financed and allow candidates to spend more time focusing on the people they represent and addressing our state’s challenges, rather than on raising money. 
“Voters are being shut out of the political process as candidates spend the majority of their time attending fundraisers and calling the wealthy and political elite,” said CCI member Erich Riesenberg from Des Moines. “Elections today are about who can raise the most money, not issues and ideas. That’s why we need VOICE.”

Where Clean Elections has been implemented, it has been successful. More people from diverse backgrounds are running—and winning. In the 2006 elections, more than 200 Clean Elections candidates in three states, Arizona, Maine, and North Carolina, were elected to serve in legislative, judicial, and statewide offices. 

Iowa Citizens for Community Improvement members will continue to be active on this issue throughout the legislative session, standing up for policies that benefit the common good during this critical election year.





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