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Benefits of Membership

Benefits of being a member of Iowa CCI's "Team Democracy":

  • The opportunity to be heard on issues you care about. CCI helps you connect with others who care about the same issues, forming coalitions that make everyone stronger.

  • Assistance of experienced staff and trained community organizers who know how to help you win.

  • Access to reputable research and the information you need to move forward on your issues.

  • Leadership and strategy development opportunities. As a CCI member you can take part in trainings and national conferences that prepare you to take action both locally and nationally.

  • CCI's newsletters Impacting Iowa, action alerts, fact sheets, legislative and issue updates on our current issues.

  • A voice in setting the direction of CCI. We believe in a hands-on approach to running our organization. Every member has a vote.

  • The power that comes from over 2,000 members standing together and fighting for justice.

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