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Dear Governor Culver and the Iowa General Assembly,

We need a system to help reduce the influence of special interest money on our political system and restore a much-needed balance.  That is why we are calling on you to support, fund and work for the passage of the Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections bill.

The cost of elections is skyrocketing, but the pool of candidates is shrinking.  Big money’s influence on our state’s election process and legislative policies continues to grow, while the VOICE of everyday Iowans goes largely unheard.  Our current elections system needs to change.  We need Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE) – a system where people matter more and money matters less.

This is a system for statewide elections where candidates can choose to run using public funding instead of constantly raising money and accepting donations from powerful groups hoping to wield their influence.  It’s already working in other states.  In fact, the success of the system has been touted by candidates and voters across the political spectrum.  It can work in Iowa, too.

Put voters first by passing the Voter Owned Iowa Clean Elections bill.

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