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What is Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections (VOICE)?

Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections is a voluntary system for state elections where candidates can choose to run using public funding instead of constantly fundraising and accepting monies from power groups hoping to wield their influence. It provides qualifying candidates - those who collect a set amount of signatures and $5 donations from within their district - with a set amount of money from a public source if they promise to refuse money from all other sources.

Why it's better.

People in politics will tell you that they spend too much time seeking funds when they'd rather be getting things done. Democrat, Republican, or Independent, the current election funding system and escalating campaign budgets trap candidates in a need to constantly fundraise. VOICE would eliminate the need to fundraise and let elected officials focus more on the job at hand.

Less about the money.

It's no surprise that most people feel that money has too much of an influence in current politics. VOICE opens up the door to reduce that influence and restores a needed balance to our political system.

It's already working in other states.

Arizona, Connecticut and Maine are three states where voter-owned clean elections have been in place and working for several years. The success of the system has been touted by candidates and voters across the political spectrum.

The Voter-Owned System:

  • Is voluntary.
  • Is nonpartisan.
  • Provides an alternative to the current system’s reliance on special interest money and wealthy contributors.
  • Offers candidates who choose to run “voter-owned” a limited but competitive amount of money.
  • Frees candidates from the money chase so that they can spend time discussing the issues with constituents and developing relationships with voters.

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Why does Iowa need Voter-Owned Iowa Clean Elections?

  • To restore the principle of “one person, one vote” to elections.
  • To reduce the influence of special interest money and wealthy contributors on candidates, elections, and lawmaking.
  • To free candidates from the money chase so they can concentrate on issues and spend time with constituents.
  • To give qualified people an equal opportunity to run for office - returning our democracy to the hands of a citizen legislature.
  • To reduce the escalating cost of running for office.
  • To restore public confidence in our government and elections.
  • To restore meaning to voting and political activism.

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